Toilet Spray Faucet with Retractable Hose

Toilet Spray Faucet with Retractable Hose

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Upgrade your toilet corner valve with our toilet companion, available in three colors: plated silver, black and gun gray. All copper body, durable, pressurized spray gun, flush toilet or toilet efficiency.

Product design concept

SELLO toilet sprayers aim to revolutionize toilet cleanliness. Through a robust water spray, these innovative sprayers enhance cleaning effectiveness, ensuring a pristine toilet area. Embrace the power of cleanliness with SELLO.

Retractable Hose Design

This toilet sprayer, linked by an extendable hose, expands its reach for thorough cleaning. It effectively tidies up not just the toilet itself but also its surrounding space.

Pressurized Nozzle
This innovative toilet sprayer employs a distinctive nozzle, enhancing water pressure in typical households. By minimizing water usage during cleaning chores, it not only boosts efficiency but also contributes to overall water conservation.
Save Space
The overall shape is small, does not take up space, suitable for toilet side, washing machine side, balcony or garden. The main body is only 5 cm away from the wall, saving more space than traditional faucets.
Questions on Size
The interface connecting to the wall is G1/2" size, equivalent to 0.787inch, and the side connecting to the toilet is the same size, but there is a complimentary adapter is G3/4 "size, which is generally available and can be purchased with confidence.
Our toilet companion is available in three colors: plated silver, black and gun gray. Friends can choose according to their own preferences, or according to the decoration style of the home is OK, the color is different, the material is the same, durable.


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