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  • Faucet extender Washing Artifact Multifunctional Diy Renovation

    Faucet extender Washing Artifact Multifunctional Diy Renovation

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    Brand : SELLO Material : Copper + ABS Package : 1 set About this item Widely Usage  This faucet sprayer set is multi-purpose and perfect for hair washing, pet bathing, buckets filling and other more to work effectively.Comes with hand shower, faucet diverter, recoil hose and shower head holder.Connects to bathroom or utility sink for faucet spray washing.Suitable for round faucets with removable metal thread bubbler. Adjustable Mode Shower Handheld Shower Sprayer has two mode switch controls, gentle spray and better rinse. It's light weight, so it's also suitable for families with old people and children.If not in use, turn off the faucet switch. Copper Valve Adapter The valve joint surface is chrome plated, the main body is made of copper material, after careful processing, in line with explosion-proof, pressure-proof standards. It is equipped with a split-valve rotary wrench to switch the outlet of the hand-held sprayer and faucet at any time. Elastic coil Shower Hose Stretch sink sprayer hose make the length adjustable for easy usage and storage. It has an ultimate stretch length of 6.5 feet and is comfortable up to 4 feet, flexible and easy to use. Strict Quality Inspection Each of our hand-held sprayer, after strict quality inspection before packing and distribution. When you receive the product package, there may be water droplets in the airtight bag containing the sprayer. Don't worry, it's a water test for the sprayer before the product is distributed.


  • Faucet Extender 1080° Swivel Faucet Bubbler

    Faucet Extender 1080° Swivel Faucet Bubbler

    Brand : SELLO Material : Copper+ABS Package : 1 piece Why you need a faucet extender! 1080° rotation The newly upgraded 1080° Cardan rotation allows you to experience luxury washing. Built-in ball core, flexible rotation can be adjusted, length, height, the whole family washing water flexible adjustment. Meet different height, water habits, you can brush your teeth, gargle, wash your face, wash your hair. 2-in-1 threaded connection Thread two-in-one design, the inner diameter is 22mm fine wire, suitable for elbow pipe faucet connection, the outer diameter 24mm fine wire, suitable for basin faucet use, exaggerating that your home water outlet with circular thread should be installed. Durable material Our SELLO brand insists on the use of all-copper manufacturing, only to give users a better experience, the main brass does not rust, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, cold and hot water universal. Safe and healthy  Tool bag Anyone who buys this product comes with a kit, which contains a wrench to help remove the original old water nozzle, and a hexagon nut in the shape of seven to adjust the flexibility of the mechanical arm, as well as a sealing gasket, different thickness, suitable for different needs of your home. Multifunctionality This robot arm has two water functions, one is sparkling water, anti-splash, can be used for gargling or washing hair and face. There is also a flower sprinkler, more impulse, can be used to clean the basin, do health. It's very convenient and you deserve it.  Look for more faucet extender  

    $32.00 - $55.00

  • Faucet Extender Swivel Robotic Arm Aerator Rotatable


  • Sprinkle Faucet Bubbler Splash Head Water Booster Shower Kitchen Nozzle Water Saving

    Sprinkle Faucet Bubbler Splash Head Water Booster Shower Kitchen Nozzle Water Saving

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    Brand: SELLO Material : ABS+Copper connector SELLO Sprinkle Faucet Bubbler Splash Head Water Booster Shower Kitchen Nozzle Water Saving, the perfect addition to your kitchen fixtures! With its modern style and chrome finish, this tapware is not only functional but also stylish. This standard spout faucet is made with a combination of copper and plastic material that ensures durability and longevity. Plus, it comes with a supplier warranty that guarantees its quality. One of the key features of this product is its water-saving capability. The faucet bubbler splash head serves as a water booster shower kitchen nozzle that controls water flow efficiently, reducing overall consumption without sacrificing performance. Upgrade your kitchen sink with this easy-to-install nozzle to help reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying convenience in one package. Order now and experience hassle-free dishwashing like never before!  

    $23.00 - $23.50

  • Kitchen Faucet Bubbler Tap Spray Head Rotation

    Kitchen Faucet Bubbler Tap Spray Head Rotation

    Brand : SELLO Material : copper+ ABS Package : 1 piece

    $25.00 - $40.00

  • Faucet extension bubbler Rotating outlet tube

    Faucet extension bubbler Rotating outlet tube

    Brand : SELLO Color: orangeSize: length 20cm/30cm/50cmMaterial: copper, silicone shellPackage includes:1x hose leak- proof gasket PRODUCT DETAILSNote: This faucet uses a universal G 1/2"connector for most faucets. If your faucet is unconventional, we recommend that you buy another universal 1 universal adapter features:360 o flexible rotation: faucet extender can be rotated or adjusted in any direction or angle to facilitate cleaning of oversized items in the sinkPractical: With this faucet extender, you can increase the length of the faucet. Effectively prevent water splashingBest fit: general G1/2 "threaded connection for most faucetsHigh-quality material: made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and rust- proof.Simple installation: the installation steps of the foaming faucet of the water-saving device are simple and convenient, without other tools.

    $18.00 - $20.00

  • Sale -22% Intelligent Digital Display Bathroom Hot And Cold Basin Faucet

    Intelligent Digital Display Bathroom Hot And Cold Basin Faucet

    Specifications:  Installation Type: Deck Mounted Feature: Temperature sensitive Style: Contemporary Color: Black/Grey/Chrome/White/Gold Material: Brass Number Of Holes: 1 Number Of Handles: Single Handle Handle Type: Lever Swivel Spout: 180-degree Swivel Spout Sprayer: ABS Sprayer Flow Rate: 1.8gpm(6.8L/min)@ 60 psi Included Components: Mounting Hardware/Hot&Cold Water Pipes/Rubber Gasket/Metal Gasket Features: Excellent Material: The tap's brass body is resistant to corrosion, rust, and damage. lts ceramic valve core is also durable. The brushed outer layer is hard,aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean. Intelligent Digital Display, Technological Sense: This sink tap uses automatic temperature detection technology and a real-time display to eliminate the need for manual temperature measurement. 3 X 3600 Rotation, 3 Water Output Modes: Rotatable spout and swivel arm (360) for versatile water usage. 3 outlet options for various needs. Provides gentle and clean water flow for a hygienicexperience.  No Electricity Required, Energy Saving: This faucet is smart and energy-efficient. It generates power for the LED display, eliminating the need for batteries. With advanced technology, it's environmentally friendly and saves power. Battery-free LED light function The LED light function is battery-free and will beactivated automatically when the system is running. Stream ModeFilling pot faster with less water than traditional bathroom faucets. Soft stream avoids splashing when cleaning. Swing ModeSwitching to swing mode by touching the button of the sprayer, which creates a powerful blade of water to cleaneasily. Boost ModeThe most forceful mode to clean your bathroom sink and finish other bathroom tasks efficiently.


  • Folding Faucet Rotation Basin Faucet Mixer Taps

    Folding Faucet Rotation Basin Faucet Mixer Taps

    Brand : SELLO Material : COPPER+ ABS Package : 1 Piece  

    $89.00 - $92.00

  • Small Fountain Universal Swivel Adjustable Pressurized Four-speed Splash Bubbler

    Small Fountain Universal Swivel Adjustable Pressurized Four-speed Splash Bubbler

    Efficiently control your water flow with our Small Fountain Universal Swivel Adjustable Pressurized Four-speed Splash Bubbler. Enjoy customizable speed options, reduced splashing, and a versatile swivel feature. Perfect for gardens, patios, and more. Simplify your watering routine and save water with this expertly designed bubbler.


Faucet Extender


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