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  • Sink Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Lengthen ABS Pump Head

    Sink Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Lengthen ABS Pump Head

    Color: Silver/Gunmetal Material: Plastic Brand: SELLO Dimensions:220*90*205mm Shape:Cylindrical Item Package Quantity:1 set Simple Installation: Even a girl can install this kitchen soap dispenser alone. No need any plumber, just install it on your kitchen sink( stainless steel sink) within 2 minutes. Long use time: It is made of sturdy ABS material, not only does it last long time, but also prevents corrosion and rust. Its surface is treated water spots resisted and fingerprints resisted. Upgrade style: Compared with the traditional short style that is not smooth, our model has been upgraded and lengthened, and the liquid is pressed out more effectively, and the storage shelf is added, which is more convenient to place some dishwashing tools, making the kitchen more tidy. Occupy little space: 360 swivel meet all angles of use, and will not take up your sink space. The shelf can be rotated to drip water in the sink, and the sink top is kept dry without wiping. No leakage:Built-in double steel ball design, prevent backflow, strong upward suction, no dilution, no backflow, no dripping, weight gravity ball, bottom suction does not float head. The outlet is tilted five degrees to prevent droplet leakage, and the design is very humanize. 🔎 Look more products

    $35.00 - $36.00

  • Toilet Flanges Wax Rings with Prevent Backflow Valve

    Toilet Flanges Wax Rings with Prevent Backflow Valve

    Experiments have proved that this flange can be sealed and fitted through the gravity action of the toilet, effectively seal the gap between the toilet and the sewage outlet and the floor tile, avoid the leakage of pipe odor, and keep the fresh air in the bathroom. About this item Perfect Seal for Toilet Bowl: Our toilet flanges wax rings provide a reliable and watertight seal for toilet installation and repair projects. Thick Wax Ring: Designed with a high-quality and thick wax bowl ring, our product ensures excellent adhesion and creates a tight seal to prevent water leaks and odors from escaping. Anti-Backflow Design: The integrated prevent backflow valve effectively prevents any water backflow, eliminating the unpleasant odor caused by backflow and maintaining a fresh bathroom environment. Easy Installation: Our toilet flanges are specifically designed for simple and hassle-free installation. The user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to install and replace the flange and wax ring, saving you time and effort. Reliable and Durable: Our Toilet Bowl Wax Ring Gasket are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. You can trust our product to provide a secure and leak-free seal for 10 years.


  • Sale -16% SELLO Toilet Cleaning Spray Gun Bidet Sprayer Supercharged

    SELLO Toilet Cleaning Spray Gun Bidet Sprayer Supercharged

    Brand : SELLO Material : Brass+PVC explosion-proof pipe Upgrade your bathroom with the SELLO Toilet Cleaning Spray Gun Bidet Sprayer Supercharged, perfect for a more hygienic and efficient bathroom experience. All copper one inlet double outlet Angle valve: This bidet sprayer features a durable all-copper construction and one inlet double outlet angle valve for efficient water flow. Tangle-free tube: The tube is designed to be free to stretch without winding, making it easy to use without any hassle. Powerful spray gun: The supercharged spray gun provides powerful water pressure for fast and effective cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene in your bathroom space. Versatile corner valve replacement: This bidet sprayer can replace toilet or washing machine corner valves, making it a versatile addition to any home improvement project. The SELLO Toilet Cleaning Spray Gun Bidet Sprayer Supercharged comes in chrome, gold, copper or gray finish that will match your other plumbing fixtures. It also features a trapezoid shape that adds modern style to any bathroom décor. In addition to its excellent functionality and design aesthetics, this product is also water-saving which makes it an eco-friendly choice for the environment-conscious user! This product comes with manufacturer warranty Please contact us if there is any product quality problem when you receive it. Add convenience and cleanliness with this high-quality toilet cleaning spray gun bidet sprayer supercharged!  


  • Hot and Cold Water Faucet Universal Rotation Multi-function

    Hot and Cold Water Faucet Universal Rotation Multi-function

    Brand : SELLO Material : 304 stainless steel with electroplating High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance Spaceship design, high level of appearance, better understand the visual enjoyment of modern people Four-function design, better understand the needs of users, to meet the different needs of the whole family. Cold and hot dual control, temperature free control, say goodbye to the winter cold, bring comfortable washing experience Stainless steel casting, real material, high quality. More durable Select popular colors, simple fashion, high fit

  • Balcony Companion Mop Pool Faucet with Spraygun

    Balcony Companion Mop Pool Faucet with Spraygun

    Brand : SELLO Material : Brass+ABS spray+PU pipe Product core advantage: Appearance Level and Strength. 1.Brass body, no rust, no corrosion, thickened casting, long service life. 2.Small and practical, easy to operate in small space. 3.One inlet and two outlet, independent control, two switches, do not affect each other, suitable for a variety of scenarios installation real use. 4.Universal water nozzle, large Angle rotation water, arbitrary adjustment of water direction, free control of water flow, bubble water, anti-splash. 5.Strong water, fast decontamination, internal pressurized design, free hands. 6.Retractable hose, not let go of every corner, 2 meters of retractable hose, free stretching does not take up space. 7.Two colors to choose from, depending on your preference or decoration style. 8.The accessories are complete, you can install it on your hand, you can also install it yourself, you don't need to ask an installer.

    $59.00 - $60.00

  • Sale -30% One In Two Out Cream White Toilet Flush Spray Gun

    One In Two Out Cream White Toilet Flush Spray Gun

           Shape cream wind high appearance level bathroom space, create a home comfort zone and redefine the bathroom aesthetic. Brand : SELLO Product Name: Toilet mate Body material: 59 fine copper Spool type: Brass + ceramic plate Application scenario: Bathroom/balcony Easy cleaning, free thumb, no need to keep pressing, free thumb, easy cleaning. Strong pressure, cleaning without dead Angle, physical pressurization 4 times, easy cleaning without dead Angle. Extended hose, free stretch, non-stick, stretch length of about 3 meters, with a greater cleaning range. Refined copper casting, more durable, the appearance of the two spray guns is different, the material is all copper casting, durable,nice and stylish.


  • Single-Hole Rotatable Pull-Out Faucet

    Single-Hole Rotatable Pull-Out Faucet

    Product Description Specifications:  Installation Type: Deck Mounted Feature: Height Adjustable Style: Contemporary Material: Brass Number Of Holes: 1 .Number Of Handles: Single Handle Handle Type: Lever Valve Core Material: Ceramic Sprayer: ABS Sprayer Flow Rate: 1.8gpm(6.8L/min)@ 60 psi Included Components: Mounting Hardware/Hot&Cold Water Pipes/Rubber Gasket/Metal Gasket Features: The innovative faucet adopts a lift + pull out design, which can be retracted and rotated 3600 at any angle, stretched and extended by 60cm, allowing water to flow to every corner of the sink.  Powerful swing and gentle stream flow. The rotating spray head can switch between the shower and the water column. Lift + pull to extend the height mode to meet all your cleaning methods. *Sprayface features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup. Ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity ' standards for a lifetime of durable performance. Multiple Outlet ModesThis bathroom faucet has multiple water outlet modes, which can be used in different bathroom scenes, greatly improving its functionality and efficiency. Rotatable and Liftable This bathroom faucet can be lifted and rotated at will, adjusting to the most suitable angle for you touse. Pull-Out & DockingThis bathroom faucet combines a braided hose with a swiveling ball joint, which allows your faucet spray to pull out and back into place precisely, avoiding kinking or tangling.

    $98.00 - $99.00

  • Telescopic Faucet Pressurized Hot and Cold Water Suction Bubbler Magnet

    Telescopic Faucet Pressurized Hot and Cold Water Suction Bubbler Magnet

    This Telescopic Faucet Pressurized Hot and Cold Water Suction Bubbler Magnet is a must-have for your home. Its magnetic suction design allows for independent water output and triple filtration ensures clean water. Easy to install and stretch, it makes cleaning sink corners and boosting water pressure a breeze. With a built-in filter, it provides a worry-free experience for washing your hair and face. Retractable thickened hose, tough and wear-resistant, can be stretched 0.8 m, according to different application requirements at will. Food material, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless safety, let you use healthy and safe water Multiple interfaces applicable to installation requirements in different scenarios Kitchen wash basin, bathroom wash basin or balcony washing machine faucet can be connected to use, while there is a gift tool to remove the original old water nozzle, and a variety of converters, high adaptation rate.


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