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  • Basin Drain Pipe Sewer Hose Leakproof Save Space Deodorant

    Basin Drain Pipe Sewer Hose Leakproof Save Space Deodorant

    9 Autre

    Brand : SELLOMaterial: Brass+ABS+Stainless SteelPackage includes:  Drain pipe x1set       Features Perfect Compatibility                                                                                  Thebathroom sink drain fits suitable for bathroom sinks with drain holes from 1.57" to 1.96" in diameter, Maximum sink thickness of 1.96". Both no overflow bathroom sink and overflow bathroom sink can be used.(Before you buy: Please measure the bathroom sink drainage hole size) Premium Material                                                                                                   The pop-up drain stopper is constructed of brass and type 304 premium grade stainless steel, Flexible Drain Pipe Composed of ABS material, lt can preventcorrosion and rust, and it is equipped with a sealing ring to prevent water leakage. Anti-clogging and Anti-odor                                                                                  The Bathroom Sink Drain Kit is topped with an anti-clogging basket filter that collects hain and fines and keeps your sink drain from clogging. The interior is equipped with an anti-odor core to block the odor and deodorize effectively. Easy to lnstall                                                                                                           No tools are needed, just take out the old one and insert the sink drain kit to complete it. Anyone can install the pop-up drain kit because of its simple structure. Use this sink drain tocomplement your sink perfectly Warranty                                                                                                          Bathroom sink stopper Kit Meet your bathroom sink use and solve the bathroom sinks clogging problem. lf you have any questions during purchase and use, please contact us, and we will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with satisfactory service.

  • Toilet flange bowl Thick Wax Ring Sealing Gasket Waste Lines

    Toilet flange bowl Thick Wax Ring Sealing Gasket Waste Lines

    4 Autre

    Brand : SELLO Material : Silicone + ABS Package : 1 pc Function : Odorproof and leakproof / Non-return valve Range of application : Available to the inner diameter of the blowdown pipe is 90-                        110mm  Advantage : Resistant to acid and alkali sewage erosion / Better sealing performance / Suitable for more than 10 years /Adapt to warm and cold seasons About this item NO LEAKS: Seal your toilet to the floor with extra thick protection EASY-TO-INSTALL: Even with or below the floor ADAPTABLE: Fits 90-110mm waste lines REPLACE OLD, LEAKING WAX SEALS with 40% more wax than standard wax seals BONUS: Polyethylene flange included

    $28.00 - $50.00

  • bidet sello toilet spray

    Bidet Sprayer Dual Control Valve Mini Toilet Companion Toilet Cleaning

    2 Autre

    Brand : SELLO Material : Copper body+ABS spray+PU hose Inlet size : G1/2"  Dimensions: 0.787inch/20mm each valve Outlet size : G1/2" (0.787inch/20mm) or G3/4"(Included is a adapter that can connect to a six-point water inlet pipe) Package Included: 1pc(Included installation package) 【New Design】Can hold 2 showerheads bringing the different shower experience, double enjoyment. The surface of the shower fixture combo is matte color, which is both mysterious fashion and easy to clean and maintain, don't show the dirty. 【1-In-2-Out Dual Control Valve】Made of high-quality brass, one-piece molding, can connect toilet and washing machine at the same time, save space and time. Ceramic valve core, anti-break, not easy to deform, durable. 【Preventing Leakage】Black washer for sealing well, brass valve for leakage-free. 1-In-2-Out Dual Control Valve every design is to prevent leakage, so that you can buy it at ease and use it comfortably. Once the lever is released, it will automatically stop spraying. 【Easy to Operation】You can switch the knob to open rain shower head or handheld shower head or tub spout as you like (can not both together). This 1-In-2-Out Dual Control Valve is designed with an easy-to-install feature, making it easy for even non-technical users to install. 【Two Mount Option for Multiple Purpose】Tank mounted installation - simply hook bidet sprayer head holder to your toilet tank, saving bathroom space and no need to drill holes. Wall mounted installation- available to supply multiple use according to your different needs, such as cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash and so on. 【Product Description】1-in-2-out dual control valve, control washing machine bathroom assemble out faucet dual valve sprayer independent Features:- Ceramic valve core, anti-break, not easy to deform, durable.- Can hold 2 showerheads bringing the different shower experience, double enjoyment.- Surface painting process, not easy to scratch, can be used for a long time.- Save time by connecting two different devices at the same time.- The installation is very easy, you don't need to hire any staff.Notes:1.Our dual valve size is applicable to most American toilets, the diameter for the T-valve connecting your toilet tank or supply line is about 0.787in/20mm.2.Due to different measuring tools or measuring methods, there is a slight difference in product size, please refer to the actual product.

    $48.00 - $53.00

  • Faucet Extender 1080° Swivel Faucet Bubbler

    Faucet Extender 1080° Swivel Faucet Bubbler

    Brand : SELLO Material : Copper+ABS Package : 1 piece Why you need a faucet extender! 1080° rotation The newly upgraded 1080° Cardan rotation allows you to experience luxury washing. Built-in ball core, flexible rotation can be adjusted, length, height, the whole family washing water flexible adjustment. Meet different height, water habits, you can brush your teeth, gargle, wash your face, wash your hair. 2-in-1 threaded connection Thread two-in-one design, the inner diameter is 22mm fine wire, suitable for elbow pipe faucet connection, the outer diameter 24mm fine wire, suitable for basin faucet use, exaggerating that your home water outlet with circular thread should be installed. Durable material Our SELLO brand insists on the use of all-copper manufacturing, only to give users a better experience, the main brass does not rust, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, cold and hot water universal. Safe and healthy  Tool bag Anyone who buys this product comes with a kit, which contains a wrench to help remove the original old water nozzle, and a hexagon nut in the shape of seven to adjust the flexibility of the mechanical arm, as well as a sealing gasket, different thickness, suitable for different needs of your home. Multifunctionality This robot arm has two water functions, one is sparkling water, anti-splash, can be used for gargling or washing hair and face. There is also a flower sprinkler, more impulse, can be used to clean the basin, do health. It's very convenient and you deserve it.  Look for more faucet extender  

    $32.00 - $55.00

  • Sink Drain Flexible P-Trap with Anti-odor Check Valve

    Sink Drain Flexible P-Trap with Anti-odor Check Valve

    9 Autre

    Brand : SELLO Material : ABS+stainless steel   2 in 1 Bathroom Sink Drain Kit                                                                          Consist of a stainless steel drain and a flexible p trap. The metal sink drain fits the vessel sink opening of 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" inner diameter and the flexible p trap is only suitable for the 1-1/4 inches or 1-1/2 inches PVC drain pipe. Please be sure to measure the diameter of the drain hole before purchasing. Ten Minutes Fastly Installation & No Tools Required                                  Compare to the regular complex multi-section p-traps, this integral flexible p trap is very easy and fast to be installed without any tools. It can be installed on the wall drain perfectly and do not require to cutting. More convenient design with integrally molded than traditional multi-section p-traps. Cabinet Space Saving & No Costly Bills Required                                            Compare to the regular fixed multi-section p-traps, this flexible and expandable p-trap do not occupy your cabinet space under the vessel sink. It can be adjusted easily to save more space for cabinet to store. In addition, anyone can install the bathroom sink drain kit easily without plumber. Anti-clogging                                                                                                          The black sink drain kit is designed with a pop up anti-clogging sink stopper, which can collect hair and prevent the drain from clogging up. No Water Leakage                                                                                                   No plumber's putty need, the bathroom sink drain kit comes with silica-gel sealing gaskets to prevent leakage. Please refer to the picture or user instruction to complete installation.

    $25.60 - $48.00

  • Washing machine faucet Special For Narrow Space, Automatic Shut-off Valve,Double Outlet Brass G1/2" Single Cold

    Washing machine faucet Special For Narrow Space, Automatic Shut-off Valve,Double Outlet Brass G1/2" Single Cold

    6 Autre

     Brand :SELLO Material : Copper Package : 1 pc   About this item Mounting type : Wall mount Finish type : Polished / Water plating and drawing process Special Feature : Mini save space / Self-sealing / Easy to Install BRASS MATERIAL -- This household faucet adopts a new copper structure, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, and is durable. RUGGED AND DURABLE -- The faucet is easy to operate, has smooth water flow, long service life and water saving. SMOOTH SURFACE -- This faucet has a smooth and beautiful surface, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. GOOD SEALING -- This faucet is designed with a tight thread faucet and has a good sealing effect, which is very suitable for washing and washing machines. EASY TO INSTALL -- Wall-mounted design, suitable for your wall, is a beautiful accessory used in your home.

    $25.00 - $32.00

  • Faucet extender Washing Artifact Multifunctional Diy Renovation

    Faucet extender Washing Artifact Multifunctional Diy Renovation

    2 Autre

    Brand : SELLO Material : Copper + ABS Package : 1 set About this item Widely Usage  This faucet sprayer set is multi-purpose and perfect for hair washing, pet bathing, buckets filling and other more to work effectively.Comes with hand shower, faucet diverter, recoil hose and shower head holder.Connects to bathroom or utility sink for faucet spray washing.Suitable for round faucets with removable metal thread bubbler. Adjustable Mode Shower Handheld Shower Sprayer has two mode switch controls, gentle spray and better rinse. It's light weight, so it's also suitable for families with old people and children.If not in use, turn off the faucet switch. Copper Valve Adapter The valve joint surface is chrome plated, the main body is made of copper material, after careful processing, in line with explosion-proof, pressure-proof standards. It is equipped with a split-valve rotary wrench to switch the outlet of the hand-held sprayer and faucet at any time. Elastic coil Shower Hose Stretch sink sprayer hose make the length adjustable for easy usage and storage. It has an ultimate stretch length of 6.5 feet and is comfortable up to 4 feet, flexible and easy to use. Strict Quality Inspection Each of our hand-held sprayer, after strict quality inspection before packing and distribution. When you receive the product package, there may be water droplets in the airtight bag containing the sprayer. Don't worry, it's a water test for the sprayer before the product is distributed.


  • Kitchen Water Tee Joint Multi-function Deodorant and Overflow Filter Water Purifier Drainage

    Kitchen Water Tee Joint Multi-function Deodorant and Overflow Filter Water Purifier Drainage

    Brand: SELLO Material: Plastic Package: 1 pc Function:Efficient drainage/odor-proof and insect-proof  Range of use:Sink hose/children's washing machine/kitchen treasure/water purifier/pre-filter/floor washer/washing machine/dishwasher  




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